Strike Point Shaft

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The Worlds First Shaft built for the game you play. Designed specifically for Rotation Games.

Elevate Your Rotation Game:

The StrikePoint Precision Shaft

Introducing an innovative breakthrough in billiards technology – the first game-specific carbon fiber cue stick shaft, meticulously crafted for the precision and dynamics of rotation games like 9 Ball, 10 Ball, Rotation Pool, and 7 Ball. Transform your gameplay with unparalleled control, accuracy, and a significant edge in long shots and cue ball movement.

Key Features:
Ultra-Smooth Finish:

Ensures minimal friction for optimal movement over the cue ball, enabling advanced spin
control and delicate touches.

Enhanced Accuracy:

Specially designed taper for precise shot placement, crucial for navigating the demanding ball
sequence in rotation games.

Superior Construction:

Made from high-quality carbon fiber for consistent performance and durability, regardless of
the playing environment.

Optimized Flex:

Engineered for ideal energy transfer and minimal deflection, facilitating straighter, more accurate
long shots and shots that call for more draw or follow.

Advanced Spin Dynamics:

Provides exceptional control over spin rates and angles, vital for the intricate cue ball movement required in rotation games.

Low Vibration:

Utilizes cutting-edge technology to dampen vibration, delivering a stable and consistent hitting experience.

The StrikePoint Shaft  not only enhances your control over every shot but significantly improves long-shot accuracy and the complex cue ball positioning needed in rotation games. Elevate your game with precision engineering.

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Uni, Radial, 3/8 X 10, 5/16 X 14, 5/16 X 18