Atlas One




Introducing Atlas One:
The Ultimate All-in-One Carbon Fiber Cue

Elevate your game with Atlas One, the pinnacle of cue stick technology, meticulously engineered for both precision and strategic play. Featuring interchangeable StripePoint and MasterShot shafts, this full carbon fiber cue offers unmatched versatility and performance.

Key Features:
Interchangeable Shafts:

Comes equipped with the StripePoint shaft for unrivaled precision in rotation games and the MasterShot shaft for
strategic mastery in games like eight-ball.

Adjustable Weight System:

Tailor your Atlas One’s balance and heft with the innovative, adjustable weight system in the carbon fiber butt,
ensuring the perfect feel for every shot.

Included Extension:

Seamlessly add 4 inches to your cue with the included carbon fiber extension, providing additional reach and
versatility without sacrificing control or aesthetics.

High-Tech Carbon Fiber Construction:

The shaft and butt are crafted from cutting-edge carbon fiber, offering unparalleled strength, stability, and
lightweight agility for enhanced performance and durability.

Ergonomic Grip:

The carbon fiber butt is designed with an ergonomic grip, ensuring a comfortable, secure hold for extended play sessions.

Quick Release Joint:

Features a state-of-the-art quick release joint for swift and secure assembly, allowing for easy shaft
interchangeability and transportation.

Advanced Vibration Dampening:

Integrated technology absorbs impact vibrations, delivering a smooth, consistent hit with minimal cue ball

Sleek, Modern Design:

The Atlas One boasts a contemporary aesthetic with its sleek lines and professional finish, reflecting the advanced technology within.

The Atlas One is more than just a cue stick; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to adapt to your game, providing the precision of the StrikePoint shaft for rotation games and the strategic advantage of the MasterShot shaft for tactical play. With its customizable features and high-tech construction, the Atlas One stands as a testament to innovation in billiards, ready to elevate your game to new heights.

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